Hiking for a Cure #CureArthritis

Eklutna Lake, Alaska

I’m hiking for a cure for those who cannot, and for those who struggle with each step, for my daughter’s childhood onset JSpA (Juvenile Spondyloarthropathy), for my sons with Ehlers Danlos and one son with Cardiomyopathy (heart failure), and for my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I’m hiking for memories of family walkabouts in Alaska, and for new ways we have found to enjoy outdoor life. And I’m thrilled to support the Arthritis National Research Foundation, which lives up to its name:  91¢ of every dollar goes directly toward arthritis research. Most of all I’m hiking because it makes my soul sing!

Join me on the hike (click to sign up on Racing For A Cure, or Hiking)  Whether the trail is your neighborhood, local park, or places of greater grandeur….and by whatever means you are able to carry your soul to the wild places.